Tales From the New World #6

It sits on my desk reminding me of my home away from home. Seems like long ago and far away but I still feel its pulse, and see myself there…just a a croissant away.

It was a Friday, another one of those “date nights” and we found ourselves at my favorite place in town, a small wine bar called Two Old Hags, where everyone knows your name.That ( apart from the wines) might be why I like it so much. As we sat talking over a glass or two and reminiscing all of our adventures ,we started planning the next one, ( as if this move wasn’t enough) when a man, overhearing us, came over to join in. Taking interest in our travels, he added his. He also told us a lot about our downtown Leesburg,Florida, and asked how we liked it when I said,

“ I love it here but it’s a long way from Paris “
Really, he said, a broad smile came on his face,
“ then you have to meet my wife “

She came over with a big BonJour and I heard the Marseilles. We exchanged where we were from and it didn’t take long before I could taste French bread and melted Camembert once again. There we were sitting in a cafe in Leesburg while our souls walked along the Seine. The next morning at my desk I looked at this picture and felt as though I was just there. Distance is just a state of mind.

You never really move away. You just change location. You don’t live in a place as much as it lives in you.

#photography#paris#france#travel#moving#meeting people

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