High and dry sits the mighty Bozo echoed over the crowd at the annual fair. Above them, an insulting clown sat on top of a plank suspended over a large barrel of water. He would always pick on a couple, usually the one with the girl clinging onto her boyfriend’s arm….

” Hey muscles” he shouted,” how did a guy who looks like you get a girl like that?” the crowd roared and that started the barrage of insults until the macho challenged guy buys the 3 balls for $5 to throw at the target hanging just below the sitting clown.

With an angry pitch, ball one would go whizzing by, ” You call that an arm…the only thing its good for is for your girl to hang onto to..” and with a mocking laugh, once again he shouts,

High and dry sits the mighty Bozo

One challenger after another stepped up until at last the target was hit and down the clown came….the crowd cheered as he came up from his plunge standing there like a soaked mop. Gathering himself, he adjusted his orange wig and straightened his rubber nose, and the dripping wet clown stepped onto the ladder and returned to his perch… shaking the water off, he started again…

“high and dry…” and the beat went on.

Like many of us, Bozo sat high and dry some months ago never thinking that we would take the plunge into a barrel of water, but we did and many of us are still standing in it. Like Bozo, we just have to fix our wig and re-adjust our rubber nose, climb back up the ladder to the plank above the crowd, a little wetter, looking out and eventually say…

High and dry sits the mighty Bozo