The Seven Day Black and White Challenge

Remaining creative in a down period while being engulfed in a world of negativity can drown your spirit. Every day a whirlpool of bad news keeps one’s head under from catching a breath of air. Creativity becomes exhausted, and seems to fade away but it’s just at those moments when a life preserver appears.

I was challenged by another photographer, a friend, to create one original B&W image a day, for seven consecutive days. I gave it some thought first if I wanted to attempt this, if I actually could, given the limitations we all have during this pandemic. Four months of inactivity had gone by and the most places I had been was either upstairs or downstairs at home. I looked at all my heroes for inspiration wondering what they have done… Ansel, Yosemite…Kenna,Japan…Watson, Scotland.

What format would I use, is my scanner still working, where would I go? A few days went by, still unsure, I sat over morning coffee when the first image came to me and that’s when I realized a few things. I hadn’t drowned yet.


If you stop struggling and just let go, creativity will float to the top. Creating isn’t a hunt but a discovery, without searching for it. It’s sparked by the realization of the moment you’re in, and reacting to it, what I called in another post, Reactive Realization, to your surrounding. Prejudgements put aside, acting on the moment at hand, an inner voice can speak on its own, and even if the Why isn’t understood at that moment, it might reveal itself later when viewed with a distance in time .

Also, you don’t have to go half way around the world to find images. Your own world is big enough. Sit and quietly watch. Turn off the outside noise and hear an inner voice.

One more thing… It’s not the equipment that makes you nor the lack of that brakes you’s you.

these were all shot with my Iphone…on my dining room table…lighting provided by a master.

I challenge you to take up this challenge:

Create one B&W image a day for 7 days consecutive and post a link to them

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