Getting the Shot

Isn’t it always the way, the day you didn’t comb your hair, didn’t shave, put on sloppy clothes, and that’s the very day you run into someone important, maybe a potential client, a could be girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe your ex?  For us photographers, it’s when you leave your place without your camera. You could go a few days searching for pictures , fully equipped as though you were going on safari, but on the fifth day…cameraless, ( I know it’s not a word…who cares)… and bang that’s when you see the “one

parking Italian stle-IMG_1087

” Italian Parking  “

Again in Florence, My Mac needed attention and the Mac store was just up the street. Out I went, of course not thinking about pictures when this happenstance stopped me. I could have taken the chance to go back to our apt. but maybe one of the three would have moved on…well maybe not the bike. Rather than chancing it, I took out my Iphone and enjoyed the freedom of not thinking of f/stops etc. When I finished at Mac, they were all still in place, so from the apartment I returned with my camera and shot it again. This image is from the Iphone and that is what this blog is about, when is using the right tool, the right tool.

Someone once asked me ” does it matter what camera I use? ” I had to answer with depends on what you need to do. If you could plan ahead , and if you have choices, you would match the job to what camera works best. However in a given moment the right tool is the one you have at hand.

We often get so hung up on our equipment that we overlook what’s most important. It’s the image taken, not how or with what.


3 thoughts on “Getting the Shot

    • of the 35 camera is better quality at larger sizes but the point here is that if I had made the judgement to not shoot because I didn’t have the better tool, I might have missed the shot…so the bast camera was the one with me.

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